Graduate Exhibition 2018, Bezalel Academy of Arts and
Design, Jerusalem

The work in this exhibition are abstract, geometric and colorful. They are like a thread connecting the various events in David Rosenberg’s life. Loaded with emotion and contrast that range from sweetness to death.

Every piece begins with wandering. He collects materials from construction sits. He searches and burrows the dumpsters found in the industrial areas of the city, loads everything into his car and disappears. Taking with him peeling posters, layers of colors and textures from the passing sights of the road.

The work begins on a readymade surface - used wood, broken furniture, and broken machines - all of which are loaded with their personal story that took place before David’s encounter with them. He works at a fast pace, decisively, and impulsively - in a kind of trance. He adds grid’s layered with spray paint, industrial paint and varnish. The connection between the materials themselves is an experiment that seeks to examine the nature of the materials connections. The layers of colors invite the viewer into the work while the industrial and varnished look pushes the viewer away from the essence of the experience.

Untitled, 60x65

Untitled, Spray Paint on a Raft

Untitled, Spraypaint on a Metal Shelf

Untitled, Assemblage 120X70

Untitled, Styrofoam

Untitled, Fluorescent Chair

Untitled, Spraypaint on Styrofoam

Untitled, Styrofoam and Wax